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About Girus

Logo da Girus Bike com as litras G e B


Come be part of this movement

Girus has been around for years as a dream that has gradually taken shape. In 2016 I opened a high performance training center in Rio, since then a lot has changed. With a more adaptable proposal, the movement gained strength at a difficult time and surpassed enormous distances in 2020.

Girus is a project that aims to bring the benefits of sport to athletes and amateurs, seeking physical and emotional development.


Live the full potential of sport

The development of the sport and the impact on everyone's life is something that drives all Girus services.

There is no age or technical level required to start training and contact with the sport. Prescription training, online and in-person classes are services suited to personal goals and treated individually.

At corporate events, the exchange is collective, I relate to the group's dynamics and I try to bring a breath or inspiration through a motivational experience.

Girus Training Worksheets :

  • daily training prescription and monitoring

  • online and in-person classes.

Corporate :

  • experience day

  • motivational lectures Dani Genovesi

Professional, specialized and experienced trainers

foto da Dani com duas alunas em uma competição de 24 horas


My students, my friends, training partners and competitions. It is always a pleasure to participate and live the sport in company.

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