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About Dani Genovesi

Dani Genovesi pedalando na Vista Chinesa, um percurso tradicional de ciclismo do Rio de Janeiro

Coach and passionate athlete

In my life I've achieved some victories, and the most special was being able to combine my passion for the sports with my professional activity. I majored in Physical Education in 1991 and have always strived to keep learning and acquiring new skills to improve the lives of my students

My athlete life boosts my professional career and vice versa. My students are not just students but also sport partners.

Dani Genovesi com sua equipe na chegada da competição RAAM em 2019

Sport history

With very expressive results in ultra-distance cycling, I established myself as the greatest Brazilian cyclist in this field and among the best in the world. The last ten years were intense and I accumulated impressive results in the biggest competitions:

Logo da word Ultracycling association, link abre o site da associação

4x Ultracycling world cup winner

2011 - 2015 - 2017 - 2019

Logo do Race Across Ireland, link abre o site da competição

overall winner

(female solo)


logo da Dolomitica, link abre o site da competição

2x winner

(female solo)

2014 - 2018

Logo do Race Across Italy,  link abre o site da competição

3x overall winner

(female solo)

2013 - 2015 - 2018

Logo da Race Across America (RAAM),  link abre o site da competição

2x overall winner

(female solo)

2009 - 2019

Logo da Race Around Austria,  link abre o site da competição

overall winner

(female solo)


Despite the great achievements in cycling, this sport is only a part of my athlete life. Before cycling I practiced and dedicated myself at a high level to athletics, bodyboard and jiu-jitsu.

We are all beyond limits

I achieved everything with many hours of dedication, training, sweat, pain and love for what I was doing. I fought for my dreams, I made difficult choices, it was never easy. So, I don't feel like an exception, a person outside the curve, I believe that we all have the capacity to achieve our goals.

Just discover yourself and want more than anyone else .

Dani Genovesi at Vista China 2019 - Photo: Alex Murtinho

Dani Genovesi and RAAM team year 2019 - Photo: Eddy Rayford

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