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Race report - Barn Burner 2021

Not everything happens as we would like, but we must anticipate everything, even the undesirable things. Even more in the case of a fall that not only made it impossible for me to continue in the competition but also to return home (driving).

It is important to be prepared for these unforeseen events, but only experience makes us ready for anything. Knowing how to listen to others is essential!

I avoid whenever I can to compete alone, even in races that you don't directly need exclusive support (as was the case with this race I took). I always emphasize, if I can go to competitions always accompanied, and that's how I did it.

I went to Arizona with my usual support, from the days of athletics when I was 14 years old, my mother. Despite her age, 76 years old, she is in full health and disposition. It was my salvation and my lap when I needed it most.

Sylvia, Dani Genovesi's mom,her support in the race
My mom, Sylvia, company and race suppor

I took a hell of a fall halfway through the race while fighting for the lead with Kristin Smith, champion of this years's race. In the fall I dislocated my shoulder and luckily I didn't suffer any fracture. I am still investigating the damage, which made it impossible for me to drive.

Dani Genovesi in the support car right after her fall
Right after the fall, in the support car

Now, imagine if you were alone? I was more than 1,000 km away from home, in pain and unable to move. Maximum trouble. Luckily I had my support there beside me. Even if no accident happened to me, it would be by my side celebrating my participation and/or victory.

And what about this stage in Flagstaff of the Leadville Series!? Barn Burner 2021, it was the tenth edition and a very tough test. Despite being all rough, it's still technical and tough. There are 160 km with almost 3,000 m of accumulated climbs. The organization is worth a thousand, not only for my rescue, but for everything that precedes and after the race, I will certainly return. Beautiful place, hard race. I got the feeling that I didn't finish what I went there to do. Barn Burner 2022, wait for me!

Dani Genovesi enjoying the view
Looking forward to competing here again - Arizona-US

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