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Cycling, race and tourism

I started riding a bike since I was little. I always had fun on two wheels, but in 2001 I got to know cycling, its modalities and exploring the possibilities of the bike in search of performance.

Already married and with two children, Alexandre and I were young with a lot of work and trying to reconcile this intense routine with housework and small children. We had little time available during the week and a tight budget, so bike trips were our way to unify our priorities and experience our lifestyle as a family. Trips with a dual purpose, family pleasure and cycling development. It wasn't always easy to organize, but with some effort here and there, it was possible. In this way, the practice of the sport was boosted by the trips and all the memories we made as a family, a really lovely combination.

Dani Genovesi and her son Antonio getting ready for pre-race pedaling  - Itanhandu (SP) 2010
Me and Antonio getting ready for pre-race pedaling - Itanhandu (SP) 2010

I have always chosen and still choose places in the same way with the aim of combining sport and pleasure. First I research the competition, then I look around the city for an environment that my family can enjoy. The idea is always for everyone to have fun. Over time, I even managed to get Alexandre to become enchanted with cycling and he ended up cycling with me on many tours and competitions in Brazil and Europe.

Thus, over more than 20 years, we have collected wonderful memories in emblematic places and some family favorites that we repeat over time. I can say that we know the world with my bike. We made a lot of friends, got to know a lot of places and cultures.

Wow, how that makes me happy!I believe that I have affection for all the places I've been, but I highlight some because they were repeated destinations and that we still want to go back. In Brazil, Santo Antônio do Pinhal (SP) and the surrounding region with the Big Biker races were very important for us. Big Biker's family watched my children grow up, including my youngest son was in my belly at the stage in Itanhandu (SP). I can't forget Passa Quatro (MG) that I met with the Sampa Bikers events and it was always very pleasant, a very welcoming city.

In the world, the Dolomite event stands out. A wonderful place, there's nothing to say about Italy, I love it so much. Everyone really loves. The ultra competitions really expanded our world a lot and competitions in Austria, Ireland and the USA were a watershed for my cycling career, my life and my family's.

I want to share here a little bit of each of our most special trips and the best competitions. I believe that, by describing these experiences on the blog, I achieve two goals, first, to share with my friends who read here some travel options that will also generate great memories for you; second of effectively documenting them, after all record them is somehow important so that the memory is not lost.

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