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Reports RAAM 2019 #0

The Doctor João Filipe França launched the book RAMM 2019 com Dani Genovesi about the experience by through vivid reports of the day-to-day of the race. Reading these passages was very moving and uplifting. Each quote he made provoked me and I reflected on the different perceptions, mine and his, both extremely complementary.

Book cover - RAAM 2019 com Dani Genovesi
Book cover - RAAM 2019 com Dani Genovesi

I selected with great pleasure all the members of my team, friends and family who would help me cross the United States in the shortest possible time. The objective was: during the race, I should only think about pedaling, all other issues involved such as route, food and the team management would be their responsibility. This objective was very well achieved.

However, due to the dynamics of the competition, it was impossible to understand everything that went on behind the scenes of my team and how they overcame challenges and unfolded obstacles in a way that was almost imperceptible to me.

My team RAAM 2019 at the finish line
My team RAAM 2019 at the finish line

Therefore, I decided to understand better the backstage of RAAM 2019, remember important moments, comparing the versions of the facts reported by me and the team members. In addition to the pleasure of reliving an extremely important moment in my career, I consider this process an opportune, since the RAAM already has a start date (06/14/22) and, this year, even though I live in the USA, I will not participate. As the will is always alive, remembering 2019 will be a wonderful journey and maybe it cheers me up?!

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