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Testimony to my mother - Sylvia

What is like to be a mother ?

It's difficult to put into words because there are so many things involved. A transformation, a growth, a dedication. Suddenly, one life in our hands and an immense responsibility. We're always worried, always proud and sometimes we are even silly because we are so in love with them. Our children.

Dani Genovesi and her sister during their pregnency
Me and my sister during our pregnency

Children, we love you intensely and we raise you for the world. How good this experience is, a process that never ends and always transforming. A constant exchange.

Thanks for everything mom. Mom, you are always next to everyone, not only by my side but also my sister's side (my mother has two daughters) and all her grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Mom, you're owsome. Love you so much!


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